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Salesforce 18 Digit ID Article

This is the initial IML that I used to generate the article titled, Convert 15-18 Digit Salesforce IDs with Google Spreadsheets.

The Salesforce.com CRM assigns 15 digit, case-sensitive IDs to records. This is a problem for developers who are integrating Salesforce with windows systems (like SQL server or naming files based on Salesforce ID).  { ?why is it problem} 

{salesforce has a conversion algorithm that they descrbe, but need a programmer to implement.}{we made it easy for the common user}{use google spreadsheets} 

{video explains how}

{import IDs by either copy or pasting or uploading into Google spreadhsets}
{scripts > install}
{go through install procedure}
{click menu item 15 to 18.}
{if want to convert back -- 18 - 15}