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Below is a list of IML Operators and their meanings.

{idea 1} + {idea 2} or {idea 1}{idea 2}
Adds two or more ideas together
Add more insight or examples to this idea
Shorten this text
{idea 1} - {idea 2}Explain #1 apart from & excluding idea 2.
{idea 1} / {idea 2}
Explain idea 1 in the context of idea 2
{idea 1} * {idea 2}
Collapse/merge two or more ideas into one.
{idea:} or can be { }
defines an idea 
{? }
a question to answer. Who --> Define person/place/thing. What --> Define object or scenario (what if). How --> Define process. Where --> Define location. When --> Define the time, month, day, year. Why --> Provide proof or benefit} Which --> list the particular items and/or choose one

No need to put ? after the question. Just before. Multiple, different questions should be in different tags. sentences about the same question should end with period. even though they're questions.
normal text
normal text to use.
{research: }
Keywords or places to look for research
{quote: Person Name. email. phone. "quote"}
The person to contact for a quote... or if they already siad something to quote, write it... or if you have an idea of what to ask them list it in {idea}
( )
Parenthesis mean to consider all within the parenthesis as 1 unit like in math--do everything in the parenthesis first.
Square brackets mean to reference an object previously defined on the page
Result of... converts to... leads to... a conversion or leads to... answers question
""Consider everything between the quote like google search for everything between quotes
~Is like